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The Felicità Collection

The Φelicità (Happiness) Collection consists of slides espadrille with a mix & match of colors and materials, depicting Italian and Greek stereotypes in a funky, pop, φunny, graphic way!

All Phi-male sandals are handmade in Alicante, Spain, where the classic espadrille was born. The materials used are either satin or leather mixed with elastic straps and embroideries. Each pair has different embroideries representing Italian-derived iconic patterns such as Vespa, Gelateria, Lemons combined with Greek ancient symbols like meanders and 90's pop patches such as the flash. The symbols and materials of the entire Collection are harmoniously blended into a colored espadrille sole, adding this way a φun twist to the classic espadrille. This summer, your Phi-male shoes will be a stylish, colorful & bright statement that

“Sun n Fun is all I want!”